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Nov 19, 2017

Rio Winds Festival 2017


Left to right:  Eric Ohllson, Andrea Ridilla, William Wielgus, Jeanete Zyko, Janice Grice, Scott Pool, Richard Meek and Ian Davidson.


Rio de Janeiro - This is our tenth Rio Winds Festival , which I originated and have been the curator for Music in the Museum,Sergio Costa e Silva ,director.

It first began a decade ago after I participated as an oboist and composer in and visited international Double reed ( oboe and bassoon) festivals in various parts of the United States and Europe .It's origin I must admit is the result of my envy--yes envy--of the splendid cello festivals Englishman David Chew has been managing in Rio , leading to new audiences, venues and compositions all over this vast nation in a musical culture more inclined in previous years to bring pianolandia.

I can only hope that other double reeders all over the world will follow my/ example as an alternative to the biggie musical festivals and to give many veterans and newcomers a chance.

The 2017 Riowinds Festival began in early November and extends to the end of the month bringing some of the finest wind players particularly oboista and bassoonists to local appreciate audiences at such locales as the Cultural centre of the Banco do Brasil and Justicia Federal, the Museum of the Republic , among other lovely locales.

Since we discovered over the years that a double reed festival was a bit limited for local audiences ,
we have extended the Riowinds festivals to include all the winds from the harmonica to the trombone or the flute, clarinet and saxophone to the trumpet and even a local bagpipes ensemble.

As we go into the final stretch this week and next of our festival we are awaiting to hear outstanding professionals including oboista William Wielgus ( ex-National.Orchestra , Washington D.C), Eric Ohllson ( Florida State University, Tallahassse) , Jeanete Zyko ( James Madison University ).to otherTexan bassoonists Richard Meek ( Texastech university ) to Scott Pool.

Over the years organizing and trying to run with the persistent- despite- numerous- problems Sergio Costa e Silva Riowinds festivals has been both stimulating, culturally enriching although exhausting.It begins early in the year with a search for new and old wind playing friend with time, energy and often sponsorship fyi fly down to perform in Rio.

NOTE TO CURATORS: Always something unexpected happens which has to BE resolved quickly.This year Ian Davidson, oboist-and composer from Texas state university( Austin) lost his bags with his concert clothes and two small speakers for his picturesque compositions of art works set for solo oboe and sound and visual effects.We had to resolve this problem with a shopping trip in Copacabana the day he arrived, the day before his excellent recital.
ANDREA Ridilla, , distinguished oboe professor and performer from the University of Miami, Ohio gave a lovely recital with her university colleague Brazilian ( from Botafogo,Rio) Thomas Garcia, guitarist , on a Friday afternoon at the Federal justice Cultural Centre) only to learn of the death of her brother on the next morning. The show / recital went on and the duo gave a lovely recital on Saturday afternoon at the Hebraica club with Andrea departing afterwards for the funeral in USA.

The festivals have also highlighted the talents particularly of local.pianists including notably Fernanda Canaud, a concert virtuosic who accompanied the talents of Janet Grice of New York City last week at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Centre, displaying Ms.Grice's intimacy with a Brazilian Choro and other exotically lovely music despite her geographic distance from Brazil.

Other pianists have participated, including brazilian Maria Luisa Lundberg, Ana Brandão, Claudio Vettori and Curitiba pianist teaching at Tallahassee Deloise Ohlsson, as well as Natsuka Fukasawa, Steinway artist residing in California who will accompany Scott Pool.

Every year thus oboist/composer/ curator says he will never do another Riowinds Festival but each season brings me and others in New venues in music like oboe and guitar introduced to me by Mary Lindsey Bailey, Professor at the University of Alabamba ( who.performed in Rio off-Festival l) this year with brazilian pianist Sonia Vieira, the virtuosist oboist Omar Zobolli ( two visits ) English horn beauty Sandro Caldini of Italy and Joanna Cox of Louisiana State University or the Peruvian oboe programa of William Wielgus or Kevin Vigneau oboist ( Univ.of New Mexico) and his viola playing wife Kim in a lovely musical mixture

Left to right:  pianists Fernanda Canaud, Deloise Ohlsson, Maria Luisa Lundberg and Natsuka Fukasawa

The festivals have also enabled me as a composer and oboist to experiment: this year performing a project called'Selfie' of our own compositions with guitarist-composer Eduardo Camenietzki and last year debuting my work" Goodbye Commander" for double reeds ,when Fidel Castro passed away..

HOPE BEFORE THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER IS OVER MANY OF YOU WILL ATTEND OR LISTEN BY RECORDINGS TO OUR RIOWINDS.Or else hope to see you next year in lovely imperfect but always fascinating Rio de Janeiro..

Text: Harold Emert (contact)

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