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Jun 17, 2017

Music training boosts inteligence, says study


Toronto - The idea that studying music improves inteligence is not new. But recently, research at the University of Toronto in Canada has found undeniable evidence that music and intelligence go together. And that intelligence may be greater in an adult who studied music as a child.

The study, led by Dr. E. Glenn Schellenberg, examined the effect of extracurricular activities on the intellectual and social development of six-year-old children. 144 children were recruited through an advertisement in a local newspaper and separated into four groups. Three groups received classes: the first received keyboard classes; the second, voice classes; the third, theater classes. The fourth group did not receive classes. Two types of music lessons (keyboard and voice) were offered to generalize the results, while the group that received theater classes and the group that did not receive classes were considered control groups to test the effect of music classes, compared to classes of other artistic areas that require similar skill sets. Classes were held for one year.

Children received IQ tests before and after school. The results of this study revealed that the increase in IQ from pre to posttest was greater in  keyboard and voice groups than in the other two groups.

Generally, these increases occurred in IQ subtests, IQ indices, and academic performance. The children in the theater group also showed improvements between the pre-test and the post-test, but in ‚Äč‚Äčadaptive social behavior, an area that did not change among children who received music lessons.

This study was published in August 2004 at Psychological Science. You can access the full study clicking here.

Text: Roberto Carelli (contact)

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