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Jan 19, 2017

New photo of Chopin probably found



Paris - The Institut Polonais in France announced that Swiss physicist Alain Kohler discovered an unpublished photograph of Frederic Chopin, considered as the greatest piano composer ever. The photo (pictured left) is a reproduction of an alleged daguerreotype from late 19th century.

By now,  there are only two authentic photographic images of Chopin. "Physical appearance, expression, clothes, distinctive marks, proportions and also the decoration in the background, lead to the near certainty that this is indeed an image of Chopin himself," says the statement released by Alain Kohler and Gilles Bencimon, another Chopin scholar from Radio France Internationale.

The photo was probably taken in the same place where Louis-Auguste Bisson's made the famous Chopin daguerreotype in Paris around 1847. At the time, Chopin was already extremely debilitated by the tuberculosis that caused his death two years later.

Alain Kohler and Gilles Bencimon are searching for more information to find the alleged daguerreotype from which this picture was generated.

Text: Roberto Carelli (contact)

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